About Us

Xtyle is an interior marketplace that is changing the way people design and shop for their homes.

Alongside a team of experts offering support and design advice. Xtyle also provides an interior design studio service with expertise ranging from full-service residential and hospitality projects to product sourcing and bespoke furniture design. 

At Xtyle, every decorative piece is meticulously handpicked, as we approach selection with the discerning eye of interior designers. We take pride in owning our very own interior design company, Dexign Matter Studio, celebrated for its award-winning designs and an unrelenting commitment to perfection in every project. We don't simply offer products; we curate lifestyles for each and every customer. Our Design Director, Zoe Lee, boasts two decades of experience in interior design, and with her seasoned expertise and astute vision, each decor item at Xtyle brings an artistic touch to your life.